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Extract and Duct cleaning services

Swisher’s Extract and Duct cleaning service can help significantly reduce the risk of fire and damage and can significantly lower your insurance premiums.

Too many take the risk and if they are unlucky enough to fall victim to fire, it is impossible for them to prove the extract and duct systems were cleaned on a regular basis.

Using Swisher’s services, you can be safe in the knowledge that you comply with your insurer’s terms and conditions for keeping your extract and duct systems in good working order.

Moreover, it is a legal requirement for fire safety to ensure that kitchen extract and duct work is maintained and inspected regularly to comply with a host of health and safety regulations.

The loss to  a business from a fire can be substantial with rebuilding costs, lost income, loss of key staff and local reputation just a few. It is simply not worth the risk for a minimal outlay on cleaning services.

Call us today for an initial discussion - Full report with 2D or 3D schematic drawings can be provided detailing your exact cleaning requirements.


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