Urinal System

Swisher’s Urinal Cap and Innovative Water Manager work to instantly reduce water usage by as much as 96% on a typical urinal bowl.

As urine passes through and around the Urinal Cap a small amount of active bacteria is released into the flow, activating the enzyme which breaks down the uric salts and lime scale. Emitting a pleasant minty fragrance in the process, there is no need to use strong chemicals and cleaning agents, making it environmentally friendly.

The Urinal Cap simply reduces the amount of times a urinal needs to be flushed. Swisher’s Innovative Water Manager is programmed to optimise your urinal flush cycle. It only flushes when it is necessary, consequently reducing
water consumption.

Immediate cost savings are made and with the inbuilt water audit feature, you are able to see how much water you are using (and saving!)

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Benefits of Swisher’s Urinal Water Manager System: Save water & money Replaceable cap every 3 months  
  Protects the environment Patented technology  
  Improves urinal appearance Available in ‘Arctic White’ or ‘Polished Chrome’ finishes  

Prevents foul odours

Sizes 1/4”, 1/2” & 2” BSP  


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Urinal System