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The Benefits of the Swisher Service


No other organisation in the UK provides the equivalent of the Swisher Service. The service is suitable for any non-residential washroom and Swisher customers range from blue chips such as McDonald's, Whitbread, Esso, etc to hospitals, nursing homes, nursery schools, shops, offices, industrial units, hotels, etc.

The Swisher service is required because fixtures such as wc's, basins, urinals, showers, etc. deteriorate in the quality of their cleanliness. Also the washroom area harbours germs which can be easily transmitted by touch.

On their first visit, the Swisher Service personnel return these fixtures to a pristine condition - in fact as good as can be achieved, using Swisher chemicals and technical know-how. On subsequent weekly visits, the fixtures are returned to this "as new" condition and when this work has been completed, a germicide is applied which inhibits the growth of specified germs until the next weekly service. All that the customer and cleaning staff need do between weekly visits, is a cosmetic wipe-over with a damp cloth.

The benefits of the Swisher Service to the customer are:

  • the washroom is a clean and pleasant environment
  • the fixtures are clean and safe to use
  • the transmission of germs between users is reduced
  • it is a cost saving if the customer wishes to refurbish their washrooms as the fixtures do not require replacement
  • as Swisher can supply all the additional products and servicing within the washroom area on a weekly basis, there is no storage required - and thus no pilferage
  • it is a low cost service - which is frequently less than the customer is presently paying to maintain their washrooms
  • Swisher provide the customer with a free weekly supply of air freshener and soap
  • Swisher should be treated as a profit centre - not a cost centre. A clean washroom will encourage customers to return to the premises - a clean washroom suggests a clean kitchen with food and drink that is safe to consume

The Swisher service does not replace the need for the daily maintenance of the washrooms - the customer's cleaning staff will still be required but for a lesser time. Swisher take away the problems of the washrooms.

Swisher can provide not only clean fixtures, but all the additional products and services that are required within the washroom.

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Franchising Information: franchise@swisher.co.uk
Service and Products Information: service@swisher.co.uk

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