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Case Study 6

Franchisee: Chris Beal
Territory: Leeds

Attentive support services combined with the freedom to run his own business has really suited Chris Beal from Leeds, who was previously a franchisee with a tool sales franchise. He joined the Swisher network on the recommendation of a friend and is now enjoying an annual turnover of £300,000 and achieving net profits in excess of 30%.

“I liked the concept of Swisher being a weekly service,” comments Chris, “I felt it was a basic service that people really needed and if the other Swisher franchisees were already running successful businesses, I didn’t see why I couldn’t do it too”.

Following Swisher Corporate’s targeted mailshots to potential clients in his area, Chris launched his business with customers already eager to use his services. He initially grew the business by two or three new customers per week and currently has over 200 customers (including pubs, restaurants, offices and shops) and still growing. “When I first started, not everybody had heard of Swisher,” he admits, “but now the brand is well known, particularly in the leisure industry, and our reputation is growing all the time”.

Swisher has the best support ratio in franchising – 2.23 franchisees to each member of corporate staff (the national average is 7:1) and Chris has been particularly impressed by the extensive and ongoing support and training that he has received from Swisher Corporate, which he feels is freely available but not overbearing. Chris also likes the fact that Swisher Corporate produce all invoices and statements centrally, help franchisees with credit collections and act as a call centre for both franchisees and their customers.

“They’ve answered my questions when I’ve asked them, but allowed me the freedom to run my own business,” he clarifies. “For example, I’ve recently employed a new sales person, so a member of the Swisher Sales Support team has been spending considerable time with him.”

This is part of a new drive by Chris to further develop his business and he is aiming to bring more new customers on board each week. However, he is still very hands-on in the business and enjoys both the management and practical aspects.

“I enjoy the freedom of being a franchisee,” he concludes. “I’m free to use my time as I choose and can take the children to school. Swisher look after their franchisees and have been there anytime I’ve needed them.”

Chris Beal
Chris Beal, Swisher Franchisee.

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