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Case Study 4

Franchisee: Jeremy Mumford
Territory: Colchester

"Franchising jumped out as being a very valid option to being employed" recalls Jeremy Mumford, the Colchester Swisher franchisee. "Once I'd done my research and seen the support Swisher provide, it confirmed they were a great opportunity." He reports that he finds franchising "less stressful and my lifestyle more enjoyable."

One year later, and Jeremy was achieving goals set out in the business plan and turning over £75,000 from customers including restaurants, warehouses and the local newspaper.

"Investment banking gives you project management experience, people skills and teaches you perseverance," Jeremy lists among the transferable skills from his previous career. Swisher business development managers, whose roles include help with customer contact and national accounts, provide support for Jeremy and the other franchisees. In addition, franchisees have access to Swisher Corporate Office's vital services - own brand products, an ongoing research and development programme, and administrative functions such as invoicing and assistance with debt collection.

"In terms of training" Jeremy adds, "I spent a day at Swisher Corporate Office on business plans and a further 2 weeks, which included practical experience, product knowledge and selling." Jeremy feels able to approach Swisher with new ideas, which he feels is one of the most important aspects of a franchise. "There's always scope for change" he submits "for franchisors have to be open minded and flexible to new ideas, even though one of the strengths of franchising is that you buy into a ready formatted business."

"With any franchise you have to be your own person, since at the end of the day you are building your own business. But equally you have to follow procedures. You have to be a malleable person - not too entrepreneurial that you want to change everything, but enough that you want to drive your own business forward. Swisher as a franchise deserves its place as the best cleaning franchise in the UK."

Jeremy Mumford, Colchester franchisee.
Jeremy Mumford, Colchester franchisee.

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