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Case Study 2

Franchisee: Glynis Croft
Territory: Wessex

For many years, Glynis Croft had worked with her husband in his property development business. She had also helped in her daughter’s specialist telesales business. But when her husband started to wind down his business activities, Glynis decided that she would like to run her own organisation. Having been involved in various companies, she appreciated the hard work that was involved in starting up a new business and Glynis felt that it would be better to buy a franchise with an established and successful network.

“I was originally introduced to franchising through my NatWest bank. On a cold wet November evening, I attended a Franchise Alliance seminar that NatWest co-sponsor. One of the several speakers at the event was Marilyn Keen, Development Director of Swisher. I had not heard of Swisher before and I must admit that the concept was not the most glamorous one that I heard that evening.

Over the next few months I spent a great deal of time following the guidelines recommended from the seminar on how to choose the right franchise for me. It was quite a surprise to me that Swisher came out through the process of elimination as being one of the two most suited to my needs.”

“During my interviews with Swisher’s Corporate Office team, the franchise was very clearly explained to me and I found all the staff at Swisher to be very friendly and approachable. You were never made to feel a nuisance for asking more questions and the process of buying the franchise was not rushed or pressurised in any way. I felt that the support would be good and I have not been disappointed.”

As Swisher had no competition for its service, Glynis realised that each Swisher franchise had unlimited growth potential. With gross profits between 60% - 70% and net profits in excess of 30%, Glynis knew that she could build a business with a growing capital value.

“Choosing my franchise was quite a lengthy process, but I eventually decided on Swisher. I received very good information, training and support from all the Swisher support staff and when I started my business I felt very confident that I was able to tackle it properly”.

Within 6 months of Glynis starting her franchise, over £70,000 of business had been introduced. “Working together with my Sales and Service Managers and with Swisher Corporate Office, I have ensured that my staff provide a high standard of service to my customers. This is already showing dividends in terms of growth through customer recommendations and various multi-site accounts.”

Glynis Croft, Swisher Wessex Franchisee
Glynis Croft, Swisher Wessex Franchisee.

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