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Benefits of the Swisher Service


We appreciate that you try to maintain your premises to a high standard. But do your washrooms live up to expectations?

Let Swisher survey your washrooms FREE. This will enable you to realise how inexpensive it is to have our UNIQUE weekly sanitation service. It will provide your customers and staff with a quality that they would like and you think they deserve. We can give you an independent and professional view on your washroom requirements. We will also provide you with recommendations on how we can bring the benefits of washroom sanitation to your organisation.

Imagine someone else having the headache of looking after your washroom requirements. Imagine leaving it to the experts. What's more, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means you've nothing to loose, but everything to gain.

The benefits of the Swisher Service to the customer are:

  • it is a low cost service - which is frequently less than you are presently paying to maintain your washrooms
  • Swisher provide the customer with a free weekly supply of air freshener and soap
  • the washroom is a clean and pleasant environment
  • the fixtures are clean and safe to use
  • the transmission of germs between users is reduced
  • it is a cost saving if the customer wishes to refurbish their washrooms as the fixtures do not require replacement
  • as Swisher can supply all the additional products and servicing within the washroom area on a weekly basis, there is no storage required - and thus no pilferage
  • Swisher should be treated as a profit centre - not a cost centre. A clean washroom will encourage customers to return to the premises - a clean washroom suggests a clean kitchen with food and drink that is safe to consume

Swisher solves the customer's problems of providing a clean and sanitised washroom with high quality additional products.

Remember, we are the only organisation providing a weekly sanitation service. Either call us today on FREEPHONE 0500 500 165 or visit our e-mail application web page. This is your opportunity for a FREE - NO OBLIGATION washroom survey.

9 Churchill Court, 33 Palmerston Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 4HN.
Telephone: 01202 30 33 33     Fax: 01202 30 32 32
Franchising Information: franchise@swisher.co.uk
Service and Products Information: service@swisher.co.uk

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