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Add On Services


Swisher can also provide products at an additional charge:

Toilet Tissue

  • A range of dispensers and paper to suit all environments
  • Mini jumbo, jumbo, twin jumbo and Compact rolls offer a cost effective solution
  • These are maintained by Swisher each week and reduces storage requirements, pilferage and wastage.

Hand Towels and Rolls

  • Range of dispensers and paper to suit all environments.
  • Unique "one sheet" centre-feed roll and conventional paper hand towels
  • Again these are maintained by Swisher each week and reduces storage requirements, pilferage and wastage.

Vending Machines and Supplies

  • Attractive vending machines serviced weekly
  • Supplies available include sanitary towels, tampons and condoms
  • Choice of purchase or rental options.

Disposal Bins

  • Sani-Bins, maintained and sanitised weekly on a pre-arranged collection cycle.
  • Nappy Waste bin in a sturdy, easy to use design. These are maintained and sanitised weekly. (We can also provide baby changing tables).
  • Washroom waste compactor, which is wall mounted in a unique design.

Specialist Hand Soaps

  • Formulated specially for Swisher in easy to use dispensers
  • These include grit soap, before and after work hand treatments and barrier creams offering employees a complete hand care package.
  • Swisher anti-bacterial soap which is ideal for food preparation areas, bars, healthcare establishments, etc.

Drain Treatments

  • A range of environmentally friendly products to maintain clear, scale and odour free drains.
  • Includes shock treatment cleaning and on-going maintenance of drains and sewers, u-bends and pipes.

Walls and Floor Treatments

  • A wide range of products and services to deep clean and maintain all hard surfaces.

Graffiti Removal

  • A biodegradable solution which quickly removes most aerosol paints, crayon, felt tip and ball-point pen markings.

Let the right people use the right product for the right result.

9 Churchill Court, 33 Palmerston Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 4HN.
Telephone: 01202 30 33 33     Fax: 01202 30 32 32
Franchising Information: franchise@swisher.co.uk
Service and Products Information: service@swisher.co.uk

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